World Ocean Day for Schools 2024

Taking place on Friday 7th June, World Ocean Day for Schools is endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade and offers a free day of activities, with a live online assembly, creative workshops and lessons.

Join kids and teachers around the world for a fun, interactive day of learning about our blue planet. Now in its seventh year, World Ocean Day for schools connects kids to the blue spaces around them and inspires them to become ocean advocates (or as we call them, Good Blue Humans!).

This year World Ocean Day is hosting a world-first global experiment to capture data around marine identity, marine citizenship & connection to the ocean.

They will partner with some of the world’s leading marine conservation organisations who help curate a day of amazing blue learning for you! They have special lessons from the friends at Ocean Conservation Trust, Marine Conservation Society, Marine Stewardship Council, Common Seas, Ocean Generation, Manta Trust & more !

They have six amazing activities that make up the Our Blue experiment – each of them will help us collect data and learn how we can all become good blue humans.

Find out more, access resources and sign up here: 

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