Call for Case Studies: Education for Sustainable Development Forum

The Education for Sustainable Development Forum (ESDF) invites educators, students, institutions, and organisations to submit case studies showcasing innovative and effective approaches to integrating sustainability principles or SDG’s into education at all levels.

ESDF recognizes and supports the crucial role of education in empowering individuals and communities to address sustainable development goals. By sharing real examples and success stories, we aim to inspire and inform educational practices that cultivate the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary for building a sustainable and equitable future.


ESDF welcome case studies from diverse educational settings, including but not limited to:

– Formal education (early childhood, primary, secondary, higher education)

– Non-formal and informal education

– Community-based initiatives

– Vocational and professional training programs


Case studies should highlight innovative projects, curricula, partnerships, or institutional initiatives that effectively integrate one or more sustainable development goals.

Submissions should include a detailed description of the initiative, its objectives, implementation strategies, challenges faced, and measurable outcomes or impacts. Multimedia components (photographs, videos, etc.) are encouraged to enhance the case study presentation.

Selected case studies will be featured via ESDF and compiled on the website to serve as a resource for educators, policymakers, members and stakeholders.

Submission Deadline: Monday 2nd September

Submission Guidelines:

1000 words max (not including links or contacts)

Up to 5 accompanying photographs/images

1 video if applicable

Please include contact details and any relevant links

As a guide, please see the questions to consider and address in your case study below:

  • Who?

– Who are the key stakeholders/partners involved?

– Who will be most impacted by the outputs and outcomes?

  • What?

– What is the core issue or problem being addressed?

– What are the key facts and details of planning and delivery?

– What are the impacts, evaluations and feedback?

  • Where?

– Where did the events or circumstances take place?

– Where are the stakeholders/parties involved located?

– Where might the implications of this case study be felt most strongly?

  • When?

– When were the key decisions or actions taken?

– When did delivery take place?

  • How?

– How did this situation originate and unfold over time?

– How have the parties involved responded to date?

– How might this be taken forward or learnings be used by others?

  • Why?

– Why did your organisation/group do this?

– Why is the delivery/output/outcomes important for Education for Sustainable Development?


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