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Working together in partnership to develop positive attitudes and change behaviour towards the environment through education, thus contributing to a sustainable future society.


The Forum itself was established in 1995 with the aim of enhancing the profile of environmental education in the curriculum and extra–curricular activities. Through providing a forum and network for the exchange of information on environmental education, by encouraging co–operative working amongst those involved in its delivery and by promoting the role of environmental education in delivery of many core and non–core curriculum subjects, the Forum plays an important role in enhancing environmental education provision.


The ESD Forum is primarily a networking organisation which acts as a conduit to facilitate information exchange to and between its 86 members. It surveys what members want and arranges appropriate activities by holding events, meetings and providing advice and assistance.

Education for Sustainable Development Days (ESD Days)

Every year the Forum runs Education for Sustainable Development Days (ESD Days) at all of Northern Ireland’s University establishments. These are delivered by ESD Forum member groups, and are aimed at trainee teachers and PGCE students. The days consist of a series of workshops in which the leaders’ demonstrate best practice in delivery of environmental education through various aspects of the curriculum.


The Forum holds one conference per year to explore topical aspects of environmental education. The Conference is  open to all members and interested parties, groups and individuals. A report is produced and distributed to ESD. Major public conferences are held every two years, which investigate significant aspects in the field and promote the effective delivery of environmental education and education for sustainable development.


During the year the Forum produces 10 E–Bulletins, these are sent to all 86 members and currently we are working to get them sent into all the schools via the Education and Library Boards, currently three boards have ran with the idea and we are liaising with the other two.

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