Wee Critters’ ‘Wee ways to change the world’!

Wee Critters believe that there are wee ways that we can all change the world no matter how big or small we may be!

‘Allan the Explorer’ and his family of wee critters have teamed up with the C2K Newsdesk to deliver a series of 10 educational videos focusing on the small changes we can all make to our daily routines to make the world a better place for everyone…including the animals we share it with!

The videos will be available every Wednesday on the newsdesk and will include the following themes:

  • Switch off
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Shop smarter
  • Love your locals
  • Join the refillution
  • Become a wildlife warrior
  • Become a habitat hero
  • Rewild yourself
  • Let’s fundraise for wildlife
  • Be kind

The videos can be used to support environmental learning in the classroom or before or after a Wee Critters interactive animal education session.

Teachers can even download an activity booklet full of fun ideas, crafts, classroom activities and worksheets to support each week’s video!


Wee Critters is an interactive animal education service based in Northern Ireland.

Their mission is to bring the wonder of wildlife straight to your classroom with the aim of providing a unique, fun, memorable and educational experience which will inspire a lifelong appreciation for wildlife and commitment to playing an active role in the protection and conservation of animals and the natural environment.


– Eco Schools Northern Ireland

– International Zoo Educators Association

– Education for Sustainable Development Forum

Wee Critters is also fully licensed by DAERA.



079 1278 5047

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