Nature Recovery Networks – A Landscape Partnership Project in Northern Ireland

Image via Pixabay

ESDF has produced this resource looking at the Northern Ireland Landscape Partnership’s (National Trust NI, RSPB, Ulster Wildlife and Woodland Trust) Nature Recovery Networks project, with the aim of making it accessible for use with the Key Stage 3 curriculum in Learning Areas such as Science and Geography.

A synopsis of the Nature Recovery Network (NRN) project is provided with a brief background, an explanation of why NRNs are needed, an explanation of what a NRN is, examples of where NRNs are being implemented, what we need to do in Northern Ireland to establish NRNs and how we can all contribute to nature’s recovery.

Educators will hopefully find this resource useful to better understand Nature Recovery Networks, and to provide a starting point for exploring the topic with learners. This may lead to a desire to take action to contribute to a Nature Recovery Network for Northern Ireland, through practical action on the ground, by connecting with others or though advocacy for nature.

Read the document in full here…

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