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The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has published its General Comment on Children’s Rights and the Environment with a Special Focus on Climate Change (General Comment No. 26)

General Comment No.26 is the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child’s authoritative guidance on how children’s rights are impacted by environmental harm and climate change and what governments must do to uphold these rights to ensure that children live in a clean, healthy and sustainable world.


General Comment No.26 is the outcome of remarkable global engagement. From December 2021 – February 2023, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child hosted consultations with the global community, including specific consultations with children. Learn more about how General Comment No.26 was created.

Co-designed by the General Comment No.26 steering group and Children’s Advisory Team, consultations took place with children across the world. Children shared their views and ideas on what should be included in the General Comment by: 

  • Answering questionnaires
  • Taking part in creative workshops led by children, young people, schools and organizations using a participation toolkit 

16, 331 contributions from children across 121 countries were received, including from Northern Ireland 

Children are demanding a safe, healthy and sustainable world that respects their rights. Together with the General Comment No.26 Steering group, the Children’s Advisory Team has created Our Planet, Our Rights, Our Voicesa Children’s Global Charter. This is a window into some of the key messages, stories, and calls to action children shared as part of the global process of creating General Comment No.26. As far as possible, it uses children’s own words to illustrate their visions for a clean, healthy and sustainable world.

You can also access a children’s version of General Comment 26 https://www.ohchr.org/sites/default/files/documents/hrbodies/crc/gcomments/gc26/2023/GC26-Child-Friendly-Version_English.pdf

Find out more and how this relates to Northern Ireland at Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People at: https://www.niccy.org/hubs/environmental-justice/


Children’s Global Charter

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