The need for long term resourcing of ESDF

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Since 2007 Education for Sustainable Development has been a statutory requirement within the school curriculum. It is one of the key overarching curriculum objectives under ‘developing the young person as a contributor to the economy and the environment’.

Education for a sustainable development must offer to our children and young people the skills and knowledge they need to ensure that we collectively move our societies to more environmentally considered lifestyles and a sustainable future.

Key learning, recommendations and areas to focus on have been presented in the Education for Sustainable Development Forum’s Strategy and Action Plan for Education for Sustainability. One of the key areas for action includes securing the appropriate resources to support the Strategy and Action Plan recommendations and actions.

In this document, we set out the strategic context behind the need for long-term government resourcing of the Education for Sustainable Development Forum, (ESDF), the environmental need and how a resourced ESDF can fill the gap in provision.

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