Talking to your child about climate change – Unicef

How to engage children on the issue with hope and positivity.

Climate change is happening and nearly every child in the world will be affected.

Talking about climate change with our own children can feel hard for many parents. It’s natural to want to protect kids from harm and worry. But if your child is a certain age, chances are they are already hearing about climate change, whether at school, online or from their friends.

Unsurprisingly, children can feel many emotions about climate change, such as being anxious, frightened, sad and angry, which are very natural reactions to something as uncertain and devastating as climate change.

While you can’t solve climate change for your child, you can help them discover the facts, know that they are not alone and find ways to take action.

Here are some tips on how to have an honest and hopeful conversation about climate change without ignoring the reality and scale of the issue.

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