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‘The River’ – CatchmentCare’s Online Education Programme

In the previous issue of this E–Bulletin, we reported on how CatchmentCARE’s education programme had gone online due to the educators not being able to access local schools or facilitate out of classroom visits due to the C19 Pandemic.

In response to this, we developed Series 1 of “The River” which allowed young people to still learn about and unde rstand their local rivers during this time. After the great response from by local teachers, principals and pupils across the country, we have been out and about again and have created a brand new series of “The River”. Yes! We’re back for series 2.

Series 2 contains lots of new features, great interviews, and activities based on our local rivers and is a continuation of the learning from series 1 but we hope, a whole lot more fun. It also includes information for you to contact the individuals and organisations featured in each episode so that, in the future, you could use them and their educational resources at your school.

There are five episodes in the first series, each accompanied by a teacher’s pack and teacher notes. The programmes are linked to the NI curriculum at KS2 (P5 – P7) and the ROI curriculum (Classes 3, 4 and 5). The five episodes are as follows are available on the CatchmentCARE you tube channel –

Episode one: “Tangled“. Alyn and Stephen explore the river ecosystem and habitats, they discuss species adaptation and encourage birds to the garden to survey.

Episode two: “Wer RU“. Stephen and Alyn discuss how to use plans, maps and GIS to find our way around.

Episode three: “EIEIO“.  Stephen and Alyn are down on the farm and see how eutrophication affects our rivers and lakes.

Episode four: “School of Rocks“. Alyn and Stephen explore the connection between rocks and rivers.

Episode five: “Little Fishy“.  In this, the concluding episode of “The River”, Alyn and Stephen switch their focus to freshwater biodiversity and explore the difference between freshwater and saltwater. Interviews with the Loughs Agency and Inland Fisheries Ireland help provide valuable insight into fish species and local river biology.



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