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About us

The Education for Sustainable Development Forum (ESD Forum) is a networking organisation that promotes a co–ordinated approach to the delivery of environmental education in Northern Ireland.


The Forum itself was established in 1995 with the aim of enhancing the profile of environmental education in the curriculum and extra–curricular activities. Through providing a forum and network for the exchange of information on environmental education, by encouraging co–operative working amongst those involved in its delivery and by promoting the role of environmental education in delivery of many core and non–core curriculum subjects, the Forum plays an important role in enhancing environmental education provision.

Members include representatives of central and local government, the voluntary sector and the educationalists.


Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL) acts as the secretariat to the ESD Forum. NIEL is a company limited by guarantee (NI34988) and is recognised as a charity by the Inland Revenue (XR19598)